Mary Singer

Practicing yoga has become a fundamental part of my life. I took my first class as a teenager, and while I very much enjoyed it, I found myself drawn to aerobic type classes and running. Every once in awhile, however, I would find myself drawn back to yoga, and every time I did, I loved it. In 2011, I started practicing yoga on a more consistent basis because I started to experience pain in my knees and I thought the stretching would help out. I did not realize at the time just how important yoga would become to my life. Yes, my body changed and I did experience relief to my joints. What I did not expect was the mental shift I continue to experience. I find my reactions to be much more thoughtful in all situations. The meditative aspect of yoga has opened parts of me I did not realize were there to be explored. I truly believe yoga to be a beautiful, continual, never-ending exploration of body and mind.

Mary Singer instructs the following:
  • Yoga Flow
  • Vinyasa for those wanting to experience a physically slower paced class. Yoga Flow will focus on working at a methodical pace. We will be holding postures, focusing on our breath, and at the same time creating a supple and toned body. Great place for beginners